10-12 September 2019

About exhibition

Statistics 2011


Total exhibition area 1864 sqm
Exposition area 1035 sqm
The number of registered visitors who filled  in theregistration card

1781 people

Number of participants
- Ukrainian 62 companies
- foreign 12 companies (from Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Finland)


Position structure of visitors:
Owner / Top directors 45
Specialist / Manager 25
Middle level personnel 17
Private entrepreneur 13
Distribution of visitors according to regions:
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 44
Eastern Region 15
Central Region   13
Western Region   10
Southern Region 7
Northern Region 6
Foreign 5



  • A-DÉCOR, Ukraine - chocolate figures and ornaments
  • AGROPEREROBKA, LTD, SHCHEDRYK, TM, Ukraine - production of fruit, berry and vegetable fillings, chocolate and caramel syrups for ice-cream, dairy products, confectionery, bakery products, desserts
  • AKROS SENS, LTD, Ukraine - marking equipment
  • ALLURE, Firm, Ukraine - hot quick coders, hot printers, thermal transfer printers, case printers, print and apply devices
  • ARIS, LTD, Ukraine - corn sticks, bread rings, straws, crackers, bread sticks
  • ATHENA, Trade House, Ukraine - equipment for restaurants, cafes, bars, pizzeria, bakery and confectionery complex
  • AvgusT, TM, Ukraine - producer of high-quality fruit and milk fillers
  • BEEKEEPING IN UKRAINE, Ukraine - specialized portal
  • BETSI, TM, Ukraine - high quality raw materials that meet the certification requirements are used in the production process
  • BORO INFO, Romania - specialized editions
  • BRUTTO, Ukraine - professional edition about grocery market of Ukraine and CIS countries
  • BUCHACH CHEESE MAKING PLANT, LTD, Ukraine - production of demineralized whey and lactose
  • BUSINESS PROPOSITION, Ukraine - publicity project focused on the business audience that includes website, periodical publication
  • CENTER OF PACKAGING AND DESIGN, Ukraine - confectionery packages
  • CENTRAL CONTROL AND PRODUCTION LABORATORY UKOOPSOYUZA - certification and standardization in the confectionery industry
  • CHARIVNA MOZAIKA, Ukraine - shortcakes, marshmallow, chocolates of all kinds
  • CHAYNY DRUH, Ukraine - production of shortbread, shortcake
  • Chr. Hansen Ukraine, LLC, Ukraine - ferments for dairy products and cheeses, enzymes, starter cultures for fermented meat and wine, natural colors, fragrances, tests for detection of antibiotics in milk, etс
  • CROK LTD, Ukraine - cacao powder natural and alkalized, cocoa Butter Substitute lauric type, green coffee beans in bags
  • DC MELITTO, LLC, Ukraine - protective clothing, working shoes
  • DEY-SON, Ukraine - confectionery
  • DNEPROTEHNOLOGY, LTD, Ukraine - production of food additive "Lecithin"
  • DOMINANTA, LTD, Ukraine - represents various world leading equipment manufacturers
  • EDIM SO VKUSOM / IM "Nash Produkt", Ukraine - culinary directory
  • EKONIYA, LTD, Ukraine - nutrition for children
  • EXPRESS-S, Ukraine  - realization of wide assortment of confectionery and bakery products
  • FAVORITE techno, Ukraine - equipment for confectionery and bakery industry
  • FOOD & DRINKS, Moldova - specialized exhibition of food and equipment for their production and packaging
  • FIANIT, PE, Ukraine - leading importing and trading company in the sphere of dried and preserved fruits, nuts, sunflower seed kernels
  • FRUTEX, Ukraine - fruit additions for flour pastry wares
  • GASTROPAN, Romania - International trade fair for bakery, food service and hospitality
  • GLAMOUR PACK, LTD, Ukraine - production and development of elite package in diverse configurations applying all types of embossing and UV varnishing
  • GRES S.A., IP-O, Ukraine - equipment for production of confectionery, frozen food, fish processing
  • HARCHOVYK, Ukraine - branch edition 
  • ILIAS, LLC, Ukraine - import/ export of nuts and dried fruits
  • IMPEXMASH, Ukraine - equipment for confectionery industry
  • INSTITUTE OF POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION OF THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF FOOD INDUSTRY, Ukraine - training of confectionery and baking industry specialists
  • INTER AGRO, LTD, Ukraine - supplies to Ukraine modern equipment produced by the leading European manufacturers and Russian companies
  • INTERLABTRADE, LTD, Ukraine - Laboratory Equipment
  • ITE Moscow, Russia - organization of exhibitions and conferences
  • ITECA, Kazakhstan - InterFood exhibition
  • KASKAD, Ukraine - production of cardboard packages
  • KHLEBOPEKARSKOYE I KONDITERSKOYE DELO, Ukraine - specialized edition
  • KRUGER UNG SALECKER Maschinenbau GmbH Co. KG, Germany - equipment for confectionary industry
  • KRYMSKIY DESERT - oriental sweets
  • KUPYANSK CANNED-MILK FACTORY, PJSC, Ukraine - is one of the leaders in milk processing and delivers the products under "Zarechye" trade mark
  • KVARTET, Confectionary Workshop, LTD, Ukraine - manufacture of handmade confectionery products, such as souvenir cakes, gingerbreads, sweets and other deserts
  • LEKORNA, Ukraine - waffle production
  • LINDSTROM OY, Ukraine - full range of workwear rent services
  • MOLDEXPO, Moldova - "Food & Drinks" exhibition
  • M-SERVICE, Firm, Ukraine - world's smallest industrial inkjet printer U2 ANSER to print on porous surfaces
  • NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine - train specialists, that are able to meet the challenges of scientific and experiment type
  • OBORUD.INFO, Equipment portal, LTD, Russia - portal of the food industry
  • ODESSA NATIONAL ACADEMY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine - training of food industry specialists
  • ORIENTAL SWEETS, Ukraine - production of Turkish baklava and other variety of oriental delights
  • OVOSTAR, Ukraine - production of food ingredients as a result of egg processing
  • OZPO, Food equipment plant, Ukraine - supplies equipment to bakeries and confectionary factories
  • PHIANIT, Ukraine - trade with dried fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, candied fruits
  • PLAST, LTD, Ukraine - spare parts to thermoplast automatic machines of domestic and foreign manufacture
  • POLIPLAST & Cо, LTD, Ukraine - packaging materials
  • PRODUCTS & INGREDIENTS, Ukraine - international specialized magazine
  • PROMINFO, LTD, Ukraine - publication of branch and specialized media
  • ROSMEN, Ukraine - corn sticks, straws and products in chocolate icing
  • RPM-SERVIS, JSLL, Belarus - produces 28 kinds of confectionery under the trademark "Znak vkusa"
  • RUPAS-PACK, Ukraine - equipment for mini-bakery and bread production
  • SAMSHIT LTD, Ukraine - confectionery, dairy, fat, gourmet, snack, as well as for the beverage industry
  • SMACHNA KAWA, Ukraine - chocolate, tea, coffee, coffee syrups
  • SMART CAPITAL, Ukraine -  information and analytical magazine Food UA
  • SOUZ-KONDITER, LTD, Ukraine - specialized in manufacture of oatmeal cookies
  • SOYUZOPTTORG-UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - supply of high quality food ingredients for all food industries
  • SPETSAGROSS, Ukraine - production of trays and molds for the baking and confectionary industry
  • STATE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL LIBRARY OF UKRAINE, Ukraine - scientific and technical literature, periodicals, normative, patent documentation
  • STEVIASUN, Ukraine - healthy food stuffs
  • STRELA, Chernihiv confectionary plant, Ukraine - confectioneries in wide assortment
  • SYTNIK, PE, Ukraine - honey
  • T PRESTIGE, Ukraine - confectioneries in wide assortment
  • TECHNIK, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for transportation of various loose products, sifters for flour and sugar
  • UNIVERSAL-LUX, FE, Belarus - cakes and cookies in chocolate glaze on the territory of Belarus and abroad
  • VERSELL, LTD, Ukraine - quality equipment for bakery and confectionary industries
  • WORLD OF PACKAGING, Magazine, Ukraine - professional edition
  • YASEN, Ukraine - confectioneries in wide assortment
  • YAS-POLTAVA, LTD, Ukraine - wholesale of footwear for employees working in the food industry and HoReCa sphere, medical workers, staff of laboratories and research institutes, pharmaceutical, heavy, light and biotechnology industry
  • ZARIA, Ukraine - production of a protracted and sugar cookies
  • ZOZULITSA, Ukraine - social project




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